Guide to deposit funds to your Pillow wallet

December 9, 2021

If you prefer video, here’s a video explainer on how to deposit crypto into your Pillow wallet.

Step 1: Purchase Crypto

  • Pillow currently accepts stablecoins, Ethereum and Bitcoin. You can purchase any of the mentioned crypto from the popular exchanges like CoinDCX, Binance.
  • Please reach out to vibrant Telegram community, or even write to us at if you require assistance in purchasing crypto.

Step 2: Getting your Deposit Address

Your Pillow deposit address is a unique address generated for you to deposit crypto into your Pillow wallet. To obtain your deposit address —

  • Visit the [Pillow Cases] tab on Pillow app.
  • Click on [Deposit] for whichever crypto you would like to deposit. Let’s take an example for BTC Case.
  • You will see your unique Pillow deposit address displayed on the screen. You can copy this address or scan the QR code to obtain the address.

Step 3: Send Bitcoin to Pillow Deposit Address

💡Pro Tip: Your Pillow deposit address is unique and doesn’t change. You can save it or setup recurring deposits to this address!

  • You can transfer the purchased crypto to the Pillow deposit address. While transferring, ensure you choose the appropriate network for transfers.
  • Deposits may take up to 2 hours to arrive on the Pillow wallet. We will notify you as soon as the deposit arrives!
  • As soon as your deposit arrives, it starts earning up to 14% interest!

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