Introducing Solana Case on Pillow!

August 22, 2022

🔈We are introducing Solana's $SOL case on Pillow! Now you can earn up to 21% APY on your Solana tokens in Pillow.The solana network has become one of the most prominent L1 networks, providing superior speed, high scalability, cheap transaction, and a great developer experience. The Pillow community loves $SOL, and we are excited to launch the $SOL case today.

Solana’s $SOL joins Pillow with a special offer:

Until 30th September 2022, you get 21% APY (up to 5% liquid staking yield, along with an additional 16% boosted yield up to the first 10 $SOL), paid out daily.You can transfer your $SOL tokens to Pillow from any exchange/wallet via the Solana Labs network and start earning 21% APY instantly. Single click staking, it's that simple! Pillow's $SOL case comes with unlimited free deposits and withdrawals, with no lock-ins #PillowXSolana

You can deposit your $SOL tokens on Pillow directly on the Solana network. Pillow’s $SOL case comes with unlimited free deposits and withdrawals, with the ability to deposit and withdraw anytime!

How are the yields getting generated?

Pillow is working with the awesome team at Marinade Finance to provide our users access to the best liquid staking infrastructure.

More protocols on Solana to follow soon!

SOL is just the start! The team is hard at work pushing some very refreshing changes to the app over the next few weeks. We’ll be dropping sneak peeks along the way. Feel free to ping us your ideas on what is to come.

Happy Investing,

Pillow Team

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