Best Ways to Invest and Earn Daily in Nigeria: 2023 Guide

November 3, 2022
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How to Invest and Earn Daily In Nigeria: A Complete Guide

The following article will explain how you can invest and earn daily in Nigeria.


Investing in the right places is always rewarding. You should conduct research and know where your funds should be allocated. Once you have this in place, you'll find that there are numerous options to earn money from your investments daily. Read this guide to find out how you can invest and earn daily in Nigeria. 

Investing in Nigeria is exciting and rewarding, considering the rapid economic expansion in place. The government is implementing policies every single day to invest in the country's workforce and resource development. 

Things to consider before investing?

There are several factors you need to consider before you start your investment journey. The following paragraphs will provide you with more information about the things you must consider before you invest. 

Set Goals

Setting financial goals is the first step in starting your investment journey as a Nigerian. Once you determine your goals, you have a sound understanding of what you want to reap from your investing yields. Setting goals helps you assign a purpose to your goals. Are you aiming to save ₦5 million by 35? Or do you want a house by 45? 

Setting goals helps you assign a clear perspective of what you need to pursue. 

Research and Due-Diligence

Once you know your goals, start your research and determine your investment options. There are several options in the Nigerian market like Mutual Funds, ETFs, Treasuries, Bonds and even Dollars! You must balance your risk-to-reward ratio and diversify your investments. Ensure your investments are hedged against inflation, with the gradual devaluation of the Naira. 

Start Saving

You should begin saving as soon as you become aware of your investment options and know what you want to do with them. To save, you do not have to set aside all of your income from each month. Instead, you only need to set aside at least 10% of that income. After this, invest in different assets to diversify your portfolio. Start investing early to enjoy the benefits of compounding. 

Types of investment to make in Nigeria 

There are several types of investments to make in Nigeria. It is critical to know the different types of investments for yourself. 

Debt investments 

You can explore various debt investments in Nigeria. Debt investments refer to those assets that an investor lends to a borrower with an expected rate of interest in returns. Debt investments are usually low-risk and lower in returns when compared to other types of investments.

Equity investments 

Equity investments refer to money that is invested in the Nigerian stock market and is traded on the exchange. Individuals investing in this class will usually earn capital gains or dividends. The value of the initial principal investment eventually increases in this case.

Interest account or savings account

You can stash your money in a savings account that offers a fixed interest rate. This is a very low-risk option. You won't be earning enough interest to compensate for inflation. 

9 ways to invest your money properly in Nigeria

After learning about the different types of investments to make in Nigeria, let's look at the different ways you can invest your money properly in Nigeria. 

Online Investment Apps

Over the last few years, several online investment apps have taken over the Nigerian market with the rise of fintech startups. You can explore savings and investment apps based on your financial goals to suit your personal preferences and simplify your financial journey. With online investment apps, earning investment income is significantly easier. 

FGN Savings Bond (FGNSB)

If you are looking for low-risk options, explore FGN bonds. FGN bonds are debt securities issued on behalf of the Federal Government. The individual who holds the bond receives interest along with the principal amount in due time. When you invest in bonds, you are lending to the Federal Government of Nigeria for a specified amount of time. The interest that you earn from bonds is tax-exempt. 

Based on the duration of the bond, the interest rate can vary. A two-year Savings Bond has an interest rate of about ~14% per annum. 


You don't need a large sum of money to start participating in the stock market. Even if you can put aside ₦10000, it is enough to start investing in stocks. Those who invest in the stock market make their money in three ways - dividends, principal appreciation and bonus issues. With dividends, investors earn a percentage of the profit that any company distributes to shareholders. A principal or capital appreciation occurs when the price of the stock increases based on market movements. Bonus issues are when investors receive additional shares for free. 

Additionally, you can explore foreign stocks once you've built confidence in the Nigerian market. 

Savings account

Stashing your money in a savings account is a low-risk investment. While your cash may be safe, the amount of interest you earn on it is not hedged against inflation. Most savings accounts offer low rates of interest. 

Dollar Investment

Saving in dollars for Nigerians can provide protection against the fluctuations of the Nigerian Naira, as well as access to a widely-used and widely-accepted currency. Some ways for Nigerians to save in dollars include:

Mutual Funds

Investing in mutual funds is a long-term strategy as it relies on compounding. Nigerians can invest with as little as ₦10000 in mutual funds. 

Mutual funds are investment schemes where money is pooled by a professional fund manager from different individuals. The money is distributed and invested in different assets to generate a specific rate of return. This option is beginner-friendly and provides yields over a specified period. 

Money Market Instruments

Money market instruments can be explored with smaller sums of money. The more popular instruments are fixed deposit accounts or bank savings. It is critical to ensure you find the bank that offers the most competitive rate of interest before you pool your money in a specified place. 

Ordinary people can invest a small amount of money through money market instruments.

Other Money Market Instruments

Treasury Bills and Commercial Papers are alternative money market instruments. Treasury Bills may not be suitable for every investor as the initial investment amount is up to N100,000. 

Online Agri-Investment Portals

Agri-investment portals are upcoming in Nigeria. You can invest in agriculture by funding specific farm projects. These cycles may reward you with up to 50% of the return on your investment. 


Investing and building wealth is a process that takes time. While you may find several get-rich-quick schemes in the market, they may not be the most appropriate option for you. Several platforms can help you manage and grow your savings in Nigeria. Before you invest, ensure you set your goals and perform adequate research about the platform as well as the asset that you plan on investing in. Invest your time and money in a platform that allows you to explore variables in a simplified manner. 


What is the best investment to make quick money?

Do not fall prey to get-rich-quick schemes that might come your way. Building wealth and making money is a process that takes time. Set your financial goals and set timelines to achieve them. 

What are the Daily profit investment sites?

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