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December 23, 2022
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The type of investment you make and how you go about it greatly influence the profits you earn. As opposed to daily trading, there are plenty of investment opportunities in Nigeria, like real estate assets, food business, haulage, and much more. You may therefore invest and earn daily in Nigeria, depending on your strategy. This article examines the best businesses to invest in and earn daily in Nigeria. So, keep reading!


Investment is a calculated strategy of saving money over a period that requires persistence and forbearance. It is not a way to get rich quickly. Therefore take great care to make use of the best investment opportunities that will eventually pay off.

Making savvy investments that could provide monthly income for you without you having to work. This is known as passive income. It makes no difference how much money you have; even a small amount can be invested. However, you should expect to see a return on your investment more quickly the more money you have to invest.

This article gives you ideas to invest and earn daily in Nigeria strategies, even with little sums of money.

What are Investments?

Investment is the act or activity of saving money to make more money. It includes placing money into business ventures, shares, real estate, and more in the hopes of making a profit. We may say that an investment is any financial strategy, business endeavour, or asset you buy to make money.

If you buy a property to live in rather than lease it out or sell it, for instance, it is not an investment. Only real estate that is sold or given away to be rented out and generates revenue for you is regarded as an investment.

Top Reasons to Invest in Nigeria

  • Massive resources are available in Nigeria, most of which have not yet been properly utilised. There are fantastic investment opportunities in the solid minerals industry. Among the many agricultural products are groundnuts, palm oil, cocoa, and coconut. In addition to being one of the continent's top oil producers and having a thriving leather and textile industry, Nigeria attracts significant amounts of foreign investment.
  • Nigeria offers a stable political climate, notwithstanding occasional crises. Hence, it is regarded by the global business community as the key player in a sizable African market.
  • Nigeria is the ninth most populated country in the world and the most populous country in Africa, with a population of over 155 million. The population structure of the region predicts a robust growth outlook moving forward.
  • The Nigerian government has developed an environment that is conducive to commercial and industrial endeavours. Procedures for administration and bureaucracy have been considerably streamlined. A free market economy is ensured by the policies and initiatives the government has put in place. 
  • To encourage both domestic and foreign private sector investment, the Nigerian government has put in place a comprehensive package of investment incentives. 
  • Nigeria's physical and industrial infrastructure, including its transportation, communications, energy, and water supply, is expanding quickly. As state governments, in particular, spend their share of the increased government revenue allocations, extensive road repairs and new building projects are progressively being implemented. 

What Are The Top Investments With Monthly Returns In Nigeria?

Real estate

One of the most lucrative sectors for investment in Nigeria is real estate. Additionally, it is a fantastic source of monthly income for you and doesn't need your constant attention. To invest at a profitable level, you would require a sizeable amount of money. You can either invest directly and hire a company to manage on your behalf or invest through a company and hold shares in their real estate. In Nigeria, real estate investments are guaranteed to generate monthly profits no matter what.

Haulage business

One of the industries that will always be of utmost importance is haulage. You can make good money by providing the means for people, things, and services to move around as they always need to be moved. In principle, haulage could involve investing in people's transportation or moving items for commercial purposes. Whatever you choose, though, will undoubtedly result in monthly rewards for you.

High dividend mutual funds

One of the safest and moderately successful enterprises you may invest in is mutual funds. Additionally, there is a tonne of money possibilities to choose from since many businesses provide such a chance. Additionally, depending on how well the mutual fund performs, investment in high-dividend mutual funds could result in annual earnings of up to 12%.

Treasury bills

The Treasury bill is considerably different from other investment opportunities in Nigeria. This is because, after the first month, it pays you the interest on your investment in full all at once. Additionally, Treasury notes are one of the top investments in Nigeria, with monthly returns and are quite safe to invest in.

Food business

Due to the broad definition of "food," it is difficult to pinpoint the direction of investment in this industry. However, it entails making investments in any business that relies primarily on the sale of food. It is safe to claim that the food industry will never run out of customers as long as there is life on Earth. As one of the best investments in Nigeria with monthly returns, you may also profit by investing in food trading companies.


The activity that comes before food is agriculture. So, if food is vital, we may confidently infer that agriculture is more so. The Nigerian government has also prioritised agriculture for several years. It is quite profitable and will undoubtedly bring in monthly profits.

Plastic recycling

Recycling plastic refers to the process of turning recyclable plastic waste, such as PET bottles, into new goods. Nigeria is one of the countries with the biggest global contributions to plastic pollution, producing over 2.5 million tonnes of plastic garbage per year. Investors can devise a plan for recovering plastics that involves removing them from the environment or consumers as they produce them. Then, either manage the collection and sell to businesses who have a strong demand for plastic as raw materials, or have facilities on-site to reprocess the plastics into new products. 

Body care business

Trading haircuts, manicures, pedicures, body lotions, and many other services are all part of the body care industry. People will always be concerned with their appearance, which is why this industry would continue to prosper. Consequently, by making investments in the body care industry, you may make it simpler for people to appear better. Additionally, this business is highly profitable due to the abundance of customers.

Digital investments

The range of digital investments is enormous. This is so that people can essentially utilise it as a platform to crowdfund other companies as investors. You would also need to exercise caution while making digital investments because you risk losing a lot of money. Digital investments, though riskier, have the potential to be more profitable than the other investments on this list.

Mini importation

If you want monthly profits on your capital, you should consider starting a mini-importation firm. Because you only require a little amount of capital, the mini-importation business is especially lucrative. You can start with an investment of N10,000 in mini-importations and earn up to N50,000 every month. Selling someone else's product allows you to make money even if you don't have a product of your own to sell. Dropshipping is fantastic since it eliminates the requirement for inventory purchases and product delivery. All you have to do is place an online order for the items from websites like AliExpress, and you can sell them for more money.


You can pick from a wide variety of investments in Nigeria with monthly returns. We have just condensed them to this handful, though. All in all, before investing, always have a thorough understanding of a company, its recent success, and its potential rewards. Thus, regardless of the industry, making rash, ignorant investments only result in losses.

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